Author: Lauren Lee

Sewing Business Product Planning for 2018

Welcome to 2018! This is the year I will not be caught by surprise when I blink and Easter is here so, I created a free printable to plan our products for 2018. To help motivate and encourage each other a conversation is linked to this blog post in Australian Sewing Business Advice. Here is some key dates to plan for in 2018: 26 January – Australia Day 26 January – Invasion Day 13 February – Shrove Tuesday 14 February – Valentine’s Day 14 February – Ash Wednesday 16 February – Chinese New Year 17 March – St Patrick’s...

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Sewing Last Minute Christmas Gifts

I had the best intentions of being organised this year but my to do list is not getting any shorter! I needed some quick sew projects and I think this list covers that and hopefully completes my list. How is your list going? The Quilter Patchwork Coasters I am in love with these coasters from Logan Berry Handmade¬†which are simple, beautiful and fun. Matching Scraps Game What’s Mummy Up to created this great twist on a classic game using quilted scraps. Fabric Box Quilted fabric boxes are beautiful and functional. Head over to Seaside Stitches for the full tutorial....

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Sewing and the Internet

There aren’t many hobbies that bring together generations like sewing – children sew with grandparents, friendships form between millennials and boomers, and connections made across the world. I noticed responses to questions in our group offering many options for solving a problem and I wondered how much we are altering the craft as we learn to sew from each other, Youtube, tutorials and PDF patterns, when sewing was once a skill learned through family tradition or formal schooling. I asked you to answer a few questions about your experience, skill and the way you access sewing resources in order to begin my investigation into what is happening to the craft of sewing . The results are fascinating and I loved reading through all your comments about a craft we all agree is pretty...

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Pricing Products for Sale

If you are anything like me, someone sewing around life, kids, housework and a million other commitments, it is exceptionally hard to determine an hourly rate for your work. It is even harder to put a price on what we love to create but, if we want to make money off our hobby, it is what needs to be done. This is a little formula I have come up with to assist me to price my items in a fair way. It also helps to determine whether an item is a viable product line or a big waste of...

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What’s Your Point?

Needle, Needle, quite confusing, how does your thickness and sharpness matter? It matters a lot more than you may think! There is a point to the point? Well¬†I’ll be darned! Some needles are designed to puncture through the weave of the fabric while others move the weave out of the way. Choosing the wrong needle can cause your needle to break, damage the fabric or pull seams. The shank is rounded on the front and flat on the back and this is where the number code of your needle is printed. The eye will vary in size depending on...

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