There are a myriad of online and bricks and mortar stores that offer amazing fabrics suitable for #SewBasic, but since Lush Fabrics Australia is our sponsor that’s who I’m going to chat about here.

Lush has been around for a little over twelve months, but in that short amount of time has gained a reputation for amazing quality fabrics and even more amazing customer service. Plus, the prices are budget friendly and they offer both ZipPay and Afterpay. Lush always gets a big thumbs up from me – I order nearly every month!

So, our Sewalong. A lot of the patterns that are suitable for our sewalong use knits, which is what I’ll be focusing on today. Lush also have a fabulous selections of ghost crepe and rayon challis which are woven.

Cotton Spandex

Cotton Spandex is a fantastic choice for so many things! It’s suitable for underwear, bras, socks, leggings, yoga pants, tshirts, dresses, cardigans and more! You really can’t go wrong with such a versatile base. Lush has different weights of cotton spandex, as well as a huge variety of prints, stripes, and solids. Seriously there are 30+ shades of solids available at the moment!

Brushed Poly

Single and double brushed poly are both beautiful fabrics suitable for leggings, underwear, t-shirts, dresses, cardigans and so much more.  It has a wonderful amount of both horizontal and vertical stretch, meaning that it can be cut off grain if you need to (this can be a serious fabric saver!). Single brushed poly is only brushed on one side, making it a lot cooler to wear than double brushed poly. They both have the same weight and are just beautiful to touch.

Lush fabrics has soooo many choices in the brushed poly category. Of course there are the beautiful florals that Lush are known for but there is just so much more! There’s solids, stripes, spots, squares, plaids, butterflies, dinosaurs, puppies, ice creams, ladybugs, pandas, pineapples, and a whole bunch of abstracts I’m having trouble describing.

Rayon Spandex

Rayon spandex is an absolutely beautiful fabric to wear. It is incredibly cool and comfortable. However, it can be quite tricky to work with and it typically requires hand washing. Rayon spandex is suitable for underwear, singlets and yoga pants.

Modal and Rayon Modal

Lush has a great range of Modal and Rayon Modal. Modal is a very versatile base making it suitable for just about everything, except maybe leggings but that’s a stretch percentage thing.

Rayon modal has all the good parts about rayon spandex – light, cool, versatile – but it doesn’t require hand washing. It can be a little tricky to work with but if you can overlock it you wont have any issues.

French Terry

Lush French terry would make some very comfy cosy things! It is a cool weather fabric. There is little loops on one side to provide insulation and the print can either be on the smooth side or the loopy side.

There is a few different weights and stretch percentages to choose from on the website so make sure you check that before you make plans. Personally I’m thinking socks, yoga pants and singlets would all be amazing in FT


Ahhh Liverpool! Whats not to love! Another coolish weather fabric, Liverpool is super easy to work with and comfy and cosy to wear. There is a slight texture on the good side, much like crepe. It has good horizontal stretch but you may need to make adjustments because it has zero vertical stretch.

Liverpool makes amazing underwear, singlets, dresses, cardigans and so much more. It is seriously one of my favourite bases to work with and wear.

Sweater Knit

Sweater Knit is another warmer to wear base. Lush sweater knit is deliciously soft and cloud like to wear.

Although the name does give away one use, sweater knit is also suitable for most knit fabric projects – yoga pants, singlets, t-shirts, and dresses.


DTY stands fro Drawn Twisted Yarn. It has a similar make up to brushed poly but it is completely unbrushed. It also doesn’t have quite the vertical stretch, but it is still a very versatile base. It is cooler to wear than either of the brushed polys.

DTY is suitable for just about everything, except maybe leggings. It has 40% vertical stretch and 50% horizontal.


Oh, I love scuba! Lush currently doesn’t have too much in stock but I’m sure there is more on the way. Scuba is beautiful to work with and wear. It’s another base with zero vertical stretch, but it has 75% horizontal stretch so that mostly makes up for it.

Scuba is suitable for bras, t-shirts, dresses, and skirts. It’s another warmer weather base.


Velvet is another warmer base to wear. Velvet can be tricky to work with but I know from personal experience that the Lush stretch velvets are fine. There is minimal rolling.

Velvet has great horizontal and vertical stretch making it a very versatile base. It is suitable for just about everything – yoga pants (oh I just realised how much I need velvet yoga pants!), bras, underwear, dresses, cardigans, t-shirts etc etc.

OK, that is the end of our knit fabric adventure today. If you have any questions please let me know!

Happy Sewing!

-Beth W