Many, many years ago, I lived on a farm. My grandparents were dairy farmers and I grew to love the sounds of the milking shed as I was tucked away safely on a bench in the corner, most of the time with my cousin as my favourite companion.

Tucked safely away on the bench in the milking shed, my adorable cousin for company.

Other times I would be traipsing around after my Grandma, a constant companion as she went around their farm doing the every day jobs that keep the wheels turning. Generally it would be on the four wheeler (something that my Grandma should not have been allowed to drive, least of all on hilly terrain).

I could often be found close by my Grandma as she went about the daily business of farming.

Even after the farm had been sold and we had relocated to the city, my farming days long behind me, I never lost the appreciation of what it takes to make a farm work. Farmers put their very soul into the land they till and the stock they raise. The give every second of every day to maintaining this machine that is under their care. Whether it was my grandparents two decades ago or a fifth generation farmer just taking the reigns today, farmers are what keep this country going. Without them, Australia would stop.

And right now, they are hurting.

A good chunk of Australia is currently in the throes of the worst drought on record. Some areas haven’t seen rain in well over two years and the farms are suffering because of it. While those of us living in cities and other built up areas may not see the effects of this terrible time first hand, soon enough we see the fallout of this devastating drought. Without rain, farmers can’t group crops, without crops their animals can’t be fed and our vegetables won’t appear on the supermarket shelf, without the animals there is no meat for our tables.

Its time for us to do our bit to help our farmers.

From Friday 21 September to Sunday 23 September, Australian Sewing Advice and Inspiration will be hosting a Drought Relief Auction to raise funds for the amazing organisation Build a Bale. This auction will include creations from the makers throughout our beautiful community and a wide variety of handmade items to suit everyone will be on offer.

If you would like to apply to be a maker for this auction, please click here and fill in the form attached. We are hoping to have as many people as possible contributing to this cause. It doesn’t matter who you are, if you think you can contribute anything of value, please sign up.

I am looking forward to this event coming together. I can’t wait to see what everyone creates.

Click here to fill in maker application form.