Lately I’ve seen some gorgeous long, snuggly cardigans around in the shops. I wanted to try making my own using my favourite Cardie pattern, the Rebecca Page Circle Cardie. This is a pretty simple hack, and I’ll take you through it now!

First off, the Circle Cardie body is just the one piece. If you’re a Star Wars fan, the pattern piece looks similar to the rebel alliance symbol.

Adding (or removing) length is an easy adjustment. All you need to do is draw a straight line across the lower third of your pattern piece. The line should be at the widest part of your pattern piece, and well clear of the armsyce. Cut across this line.

Now that your pattern piece is in two, it’s a simple matter separating them. You can add (or remove) as much length as you like. Make sure you grade your curve nicely, so there’s no jagged corners anywhere.

If you’re a visual learner, try this blog from Love Notions, Pattern Altering for Height.

I added about 38cm (15 inches) to make this cuddly Circle Cardie