Month: June 2018

Rebecca Page Circle Cardie Sewalong – That’s a Wrap

And so our wonderful Rebecca Page Circle Cardie sew along comes to a close and what a month it has been. We took this perfect opportunity to look at the different kinds of appropriate fabric for your Circle Cardie. Madeline Young, the genius behind Hey Penny Fabrics, gives us a run down of her favourite fabrics for this pattern. We’ve published a few posts with hints, tips and hacks for making your Circle Cardie unique and perfect for you. These have included a post with a solution to those pesky hems with a No Hemming Hack. Also an easy hack for adding length to your cardie. Lastly, and personally my favourite, I did a quick tutorial of how to add flouncy sleeves to your cardie, because flouncy sleeves are life. Finally, my absolute favourite part of any sew along is the chance to see all of the amazing creations that our beautiful members sew up and this sew along has been absolutely no exception!   Finally, it gives me great pleasure to announce the winner of our sew along and the recipient of a $100 gift voucher for Hey Penny Fabrics, Katrina Williams. Katrina sewed up not one, but TWO Circle Cardies out of a gorgeous blue minky dot fabric for her beautiful granddaughters. The team over at Rebecca Page take their hats off to you, Katrina. Thank you for...

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Rebecca Page Circle Cardie Hacks – Flouncy Sleeves

I wanted to start out by saying how brilliant I think this pattern is. Its quick, easy and can be dressed up or down for all occasions. I love how quickly it comes together but… there is always a ‘but’ isn’t there. For me it is missing something. Of late I have come to the realisation that there is something every garment needs. Perhaps more than pockets… Flouncy Sleeves. They are fun and super fancy, also really, really easy to add to any pattern. Today I will walk you through how I add them to the Rebecca Page Circle...

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Rebecca Page Circle Cardie Hacks – No Hemming

If you’re like me projects that can be done completely on the overlocker are a big win! The Rebecca Page Circle Cardie can be done completely on the overlocker, if you’re a bit tricky. I made this Cardie using some beautiful double brushed polyester from Hey Penny Fabrics The neckline can be a bit tricky to get done on the overlocker. Follow the pattern directions for the collar, then do one shoulder seam at a time, starting from the centre of each shoulder. Then you’ll just have the neck to stitch down. It’s easiest to do this last. It is a little tricky to get it right, but the fit is quite forgiving. Next prepare the sleeves for insertion. We’ll  hem them using a cuff. For this Cardie I did the 3/4 length sleeves and made 33cm (13 inch) cuffs. They are a bit too long, but I just folded them back on themselves and they’re lovely! I made my cuffs the same width as the bottom of my sleeves. Sleeve Cuffs Step One Fold your cuff in half lengthways and overlock down long edge (not the fold). Step Two Fold the cuff back on itself so it’s wrong sides together. Step Three Place your sleeve inside your cuff and line up the raw edges. Make sure your sleeve seam and your cuff clean are together. Pin or clip...

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Rebecca Page Circle Cardie Hacks – Adding Length

Lately I’ve seen some gorgeous long, snuggly cardigans around in the shops. I wanted to try making my own using my favourite Cardie pattern, the Rebecca Page Circle Cardie. This is a pretty simple hack, and I’ll take you through it now! First off, the Circle Cardie body is just the one piece. If you’re a Star Wars fan, the pattern piece looks similar to the rebel alliance symbol. Adding (or removing) length is an easy adjustment. All you need to do is draw a straight line across the lower third of your pattern piece. The line should be...

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Hey Penny Fabric Suggestions – Circle Cardie Sew Along

There’s a wide variety of fabric options available at the Hey Penny store, suitable from light cardigan wear to colder weather days. The below have been rated light to warm LIGHT these fabrics will give the best drape and swing. They are perfect for Summer. – Rayon Knit – Bamboo Knit MODERATE these will give a good drape, and provide a moderate warmth. These fabric bases are best for light layers. –  Jersey Knit (Cotton Lycra) – Single Brushed Polyester knit – Double Brushed Polyester knit – Crushed Velvet knit HEAVY these fabrics will be a bit more snug, they...

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