Hi I’m Christina from Little Pickers and I’m addicted to making Miss Ruby Tuesday (MRT) dresses, a pattern from 1 Puddle Lane… To date, I have made myself over 40 variations of the MRT!!

I recently had an awesome idea to use the front cross over bodice (from the bodice add on pack) to create a gorgeous back feature on a MRT and it worked!! I decided that this had to be shared, so that more people could create them. I have added lots of photos to help you make one of too! I hope you can understand them and happy sewing.

The first thing you need to do, which is the most import thing, is to decide which fabric you’ll use. I selected the gorgeous Serenity in Sunshine, a Double Brushed Poly from Lush Fabrics Australia, and I think it was the perfect choice.

Next grab your pattern pieces. Please excuse the ratty look of mine, they’ve been used many times. You’ll need to cut out two front bodice pieces. I used the boat neck for mine and four cross over pieces (front cross over pieces from the add on pack).

To make the gap between the back bodice and the skirt you will need to cut out part of the cross over bodice pattern piece (do this before you cut your fabric so that you don’t waste any fabric). You can really cut out as much as you’d like, if you’d like a big gap cut out a big piece or a small gap cut out a small piece of the pattern

As you are not going to be sewing the back skirt piece to the back of the bodice, you will need to create a facing piece for your skirt. I chose not to use any interfacing because the fabric still needs to stretch.
To make this I just used the top of the skirt pattern piece to cut out one piece of fabric that will later get sewn onto the back of the skirt

Now to make the bodice
Due to the cross over and the bottom of the back bodice needing to be sewn together, I couldn’t use the normal burrito wrap way of sewing the lining onto a bodice. You may be able to figure out a way to achieve it (and please let me know if you do) but the following worked and it was easy to do. You will need to add binding to the arms so make sure you cut out those.
As per the pattern instructions, sew bodice shoulder seams on both the main and the lining (I’ve used the same fabric for my lining but you can use different fabric if you wish).
Next place both main and lining bodices together, right sides facing and sew around the neckline and the bottom of the back bodice

Turn right side out and press thoroughly.

Next cross over the back pieces so that the side seams are together (like you would make a front cross over bodice) and sew the side seams.

Turn out so that right side is facing then add the arm binding as per the pattern instructions and top stitch.

Your bodice is all finished! Now to make the skirt.

Line your facing up with the top of your skirt piece, right sides together and sew along the top edge. I also overlocked along the bottom of my facing before I attached it to the skirt, to prevent the fabric from curling (I just forgot to do it before I took this photo).

Turn the facing over and press. I also top stitched the facing along the back but you don’t need to do this.

The back panel of your skirt is complete! Finish sewing the skirt as per the MRT instructions. Add pockets if you wish, I added inseam pockets to my dress.

Now you’re ready to sew the bodice onto the skirt. You will only have to sew the front bodice to the skirt, following the pattern instructions.

And that’s it! Your new dress is all finished.