The handmade community in Australia is a very close knit community. We band together, boosting each other up and helping where we can. We have a strong spirit of camaraderie, mateship, and support.

Recently Ann Matin, the brains behind One Puddle Lane, shared the news that her daughter, Kate, had been diagnosed with breast cancer. A battle that many, many Australians face on a daily basis.

Ann reached out to the handmade community, spreading awareness and offering a discount on her patterns to assist in raising money to cover the cost of Kate’s treatment. The community responded in kind, digging deep to help ease the financial burden on her and her daughter.

Seeing how the community rose up and came together to help Ann out was beautiful, and I started thinking of what I could do to help.

From Friday 16 March to Sunday 18 March, Australian Sewing Advice and Inspiration will be hosting a handmade auction with all proceeds going towards the cost of Kate’s treatment. This auction will include creations from the makers of ASAaI, and a wide variety of handmade items that will suit everyone will be on offer.

If you would like to apply to be a maker for this auction, please click here and fill in the form attached. We are hoping to have approximately 10-20 items in the auction.

I am looking forward to this event coming together. I can’t wait to see what everyone creates.

Click here to fill in maker application form.