About this time last year I set myself some sewing goals to accomplish. My goals were to sew my daughters size two wardrobe and to conquer knit fabrics.

I mostly achieved my daughters wardrobe! I made all of her size two clothes, except for a few bonds zippys, some Kmart leggings, underwear and some cheap tshirts for when I was learning how to use my Silhouette Cameo 3 (who wants to spend all that time making a tshirt then ruin them with dodgy vinyl!?)

My daughter in her second birthday dress – the Tadah Tea Party. You really can’t go past this pattern, it’s got everything.

My second goal was much more achieveable. I had worked with knit fabric a little in the past. Knit sewing for me is quick and easy, while woven sewing is more precise and time consuming. I enjoy sewing with rayon spandex as much as I enjoy sewing with quilting cotton. They both have their merits, and I don’t find either to be more difficult than the other, just different.

My latest knit sew – the Portia Party dress from Rebecca Page in rayon spandex from Lush Fabrics Australia

Now I  find myself setting sewing goals for myself for 2018. I want to make my own bras that actually fit me, sew my own jeans and conquer men’s clothing.

I have done two bras bras so far, but haven’t got the fit quite right. I have found bras to be easy, much easier than I ever anticipated!

My second ever bra! I used the pin up girls classic bra pattern and ordered a kit from sew squirrel. I had a friend hold my hand through my first one (thank you Emma!)

I have made a denim jacket before, and I’ve just purchased the Angela Wolf craftsy class on jeans, and the new Ames jeans from cashmerette. So organised, I know.

I used the Rebecca Page Kingston jacket to make my first ever denim jacket that fits me properly

My husband only has one shirt made by me. In all my years of sewing he has been overloooked. Next year I want to start learning men’s tailoring and fit adjustments.

I used Jalie 2111 to make the first shirt for my husband (don’t zoom, my collar stand is dodgy!)

Looking back at my sewing journey over the past 12 months, I see so much improvement  in my projects, from correcting fit issues to making my inside look as lovely as my outside. I am really excited at the prospect of another year of sewing challenges and learning new things.

One of the things I love about our group is everyone willingness to share their story and experience, and I’d love to know – what are you planning on learning in 2018? Any sewing or craft related goals?

Happy sewing

-Beth W