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#SewBasic Fabrics Choices

There are a myriad of online and bricks and mortar stores that offer amazing fabrics suitable for #SewBasic, but since Lush Fabrics Australia is our sponsor that’s who I’m going to chat about here. Lush has been...

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#SewBasic Pattern Ideas

The following is just a small snippet into the patterns suitable for our sewalong. If your pattern is not on the list don’t worry! We are accepting any designer in this competition. Leggings and Yoga Pants Rebecca Page...

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The October Beanie Collective

Have you heard of the October Beanie Collective? We are sewing beanies to donate to Oncology Clinics around Australia and we want you to get involved. Why? Christina Matthewson explains: “So many of us have been touched by...

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Beanie Drop Off Points

Have you finished making your beanies and you are wondering where to send them? Well this is the place for you!! We have organised numerous drop of points around Australia so there is a place to suit everyone. The addresses are...

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Drought Relief Auction

Many, many years ago, I lived on a farm. My grandparents were dairy farmers and I grew to love the sounds of the milking shed as I was tucked away safely on a bench in the corner, most of the time with my cousin as my favourite...

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Drought Relief Auction Maker Application

Please fill in the below form to apply to become a maker for the Drought Relief Auction. All photos of completed items are to by submitted but Tuesday 14 September. No additional makers or items will be accepted after this date....

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