Author: Beth Woodhauson

New Years Re-sew-lutions

About this time last year I set myself some sewing goals to accomplish. My goals were to sew my daughters size two wardrobe and to conquer knit fabrics. I mostly achieved my daughters wardrobe! I made all of her size two clothes, except for a few bonds zippys, some Kmart leggings, underwear and some cheap tshirts for when I was learning how to use my Silhouette Cameo 3 (who wants to spend all that time making a tshirt then ruin them with dodgy vinyl!?) My second goal was much more achieveable. I had worked with knit fabric a little in...

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Interview with Jen Kennedy from Ainslee Fox Boutique Patterns

Jen Kennedy is a wonderfully prominent figure in Australian sewing circles. She is the designer for her pattern business, Ainslee Fox Boutique Patterns, and also the creator of the ever popular (and highly recommended) sewing e-zine, One Thimble. Jen was a pharmacist by trade before she became a successful work at home mum. We spoke via email, and I really enjoyed getting to know Jen a little more during this process. I hope you do too. B: What does average day for you look like? J: I’m an early bird so I generally get up about 4am and try...

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Diary of a Pattern Test – The Cerena Romper from Rebecca Page

Sunday morning, 16/07/2017 Rebecca’s right hand woman, Kate Wright, has just posted a gorgeous hand drawn line drawing of the next pattern. This is the pattern in its most raw form. It is gorgeous, as always. It features a halter neck, a billowing bodice and wide leg pants. Rebecca has written notes for herself and her testers over her piece of paper. She has noted pockets, an invisible zip, buttons, pleats and many other features. She mentions the bodice should be loose and gathered. Her picture takes my mind to her location, London in the middle of summer. Even though it’s winter here, this simple drawing takes me to a place of warmth, of long summer days and cocktails in the evening. To me this pattern feels like effortless and elegant style. I see myself wearing this with chunky heels, sunglasses and an oversized bracelet. The line drawing was a call for a pre-tester. A lady from the medium size range will sew up the pattern and alert Rebecca and Kate to any major issues before main testing begins. Tuesday morning, 25/7/17 Rebecca has just uploaded the images for this months test to the brand ambassadors group. As a tester, I am part of this group but am not required to sew the minimum one piece per month. However, I generally do, because using affiliate links to promote Rebecca...

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Interview with Kylie Gersekowski from Little Moo Designs

Kylie Gersekowski makes absolutely gorgeous bag patterns. Bag making is not yet my forte (the list is too long!) but Kylie’s bags look absolutely professional and fashionable. Kylie is local to me but hectic schedules kept us from meeting in person and so we spoke via email. Kylie is intelligent, hardworking and dedicated to whatever she puts her mind to.   Beth: How did you start sewing? You’re self taught, is that correct? Kylie: My mum and nan taught me to sew when I was young however I didn’t take up sewing seriously until after I had my daughter, eight years ago. I...

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Interview with Ann Martin from One Puddle Lane

Ann Martin is the creative force and owner behind successful pattern company One Puddle Lane. She really knows her sewing stuff, is incredibly passionate and was an absolute pleasure to talk to. We spoke via email. Beth: I believe you have a background as a professional drafter. When and what did you study? Ann: “Between 1981-83 I studied a Certificate in Dress Design. A certificate was the only thing that was offered then. Now you can get a Diploma and Bachelor in Fashion Design. I studied at the Seven Hills College of Art in Brisbane. It was the best...

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