Month: August 2018

Sewing for the Changing Seasons – Rebecca Page

I’m excited to announce that we are on board for some giveaways over at Rebecca Page! This post is part of  Turning the Page: Sewing for the Changing Seasons so there is plenty more inspiration linked. Scroll all the way down for all the entry details.   I live in Queensland, Australia. Around here winter lasts about three weeks, than randomly returns a few days at a time through spring.  Last week we had beautiful warm, sunny days, and this week we’ve had cold, windy days. We’re all wishing for rain, but that’s just not happening. Dressing for this...

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Drought Relief Auction

Many, many years ago, I lived on a farm. My grandparents were dairy farmers and I grew to love the sounds of the milking shed as I was tucked away safely on a bench in the corner, most of the time with my cousin as my favourite companion. Other times I would be traipsing around after my Grandma, a constant companion as she went around their farm doing the every day jobs that keep the wheels turning. Generally it would be on the four wheeler (something that my Grandma should not have been allowed to drive, least of all on hilly terrain). Even after the farm had been sold and we had relocated to the city, my farming days long behind me, I never lost the appreciation of what it takes to make a farm work. Farmers put their very soul into the land they till and the stock they raise. The give every second of every day to maintaining this machine that is under their care. Whether it was my grandparents two decades ago or a fifth generation farmer just taking the reigns today, farmers are what keep this country going. Without them, Australia would stop. And right now, they are hurting. A good chunk of Australia is currently in the throes of the worst drought on record. Some areas haven’t seen rain in well over two years...

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Drought Relief Auction Maker Application

Please fill in the below form to apply to become a maker for the Drought Relief Auction. All photos of completed items are to by submitted but Tuesday 14 September. No additional makers or items will be accepted after this date. Notice: JavaScript is required for this content.  ...

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