If you’re like me projects that can be done completely on the overlocker are a big win! The Rebecca Page Circle Cardie can be done completely on the overlocker, if you’re a bit tricky.

I made this Cardie using some beautiful double brushed polyester from Hey Penny Fabrics

The neckline can be a bit tricky to get done on the overlocker. Follow the pattern directions for the collar, then do one shoulder seam at a time, starting from the centre of each shoulder. Then you’ll just have the neck to stitch down. It’s easiest to do this last. It is a little tricky to get it right, but the fit is quite forgiving.

Next prepare the sleeves for insertion. We’ll  hem them using a cuff. For this Cardie I did the 3/4 length sleeves and made 33cm (13 inch) cuffs. They are a bit too long, but I just folded them back on themselves and they’re lovely! I made my cuffs the same width as the bottom of my sleeves.

Sleeve Cuffs

Step One

Fold your cuff in half lengthways and overlock down long edge (not the fold).

Step Two

Fold the cuff back on itself so it’s wrong sides together.

Step Three

Place your sleeve inside your cuff and line up the raw edges. Make sure your sleeve seam and your cuff clean are together. Pin or clip it together.

Step Four

Overlock the raw edges to join the sleeve and the cuff together and your sleeves are all done! Insert them as directed by the pattern.


Ok, nearly done! If you’re using the band to hem your Cardie you can follow the pattern directions. If you don’t want to do a band, you can use a rolled hem as I have done below. All overlockers are different but this is the tutorial is use for my Janome 8002DX.

Once you have converted your overlocker to do a rolled hem, simply follow the edge of the Cardie to overlock all of the raw edges.

And we’re all done! Your Cardie is ready to wear.

Happy sewing

-Beth W