Welcome to Christina’s and Blythe’s joint post for Lush Fabrics VS Black Milk!!

Black Milk is a very popular Australian clothing company which creates fashion ‘for people who like to stand out’.  Using faux leather from Lush Fabrics, Christina and Blythe took on the challenge to create a faux leather Black Milk piece each.

Christina VS Black Milk

This year I set myself a task of making the majority of my wardrobe (One day everything will be made by me). So when I saw this gorgeous Faux Leather Skirt by Black Milk I set out to recreate it myself.

And I think my skirt is even better! Not only does it look like the BM skirt, I saved so much money by making it myself!

I used gorgeous Faux Leather fabric from Lush Fabrics Australia. As there wasn’t much stretch to the fabric (slight two way stretch) I decided to treat it like woven fabric.

I started searching for patterns and found I already had the perfect pattern in my HUGE stash of patterns. The Ladies Circle Skater Skirt by Pattern Emporium.

I was initially going to add a zip like the BM skirt, but I was very hesitant to iron the fabric, which I’d need to do when adding a zip. In the end, I decided there was enough stretch and room in the skirt to make it without a zip. I was able to use the Faux Leather to make a waistband, and I added some hidden elastic in the waistband casing, so that it would fit perfectly when worn.

Blythe VS Black Milk

I love a lot of what Black Milk creates, but what I love even more is being able to create similar pieces for a fraction of the price! Using faux leather from Lush Fabrics, I decided to copy this lovely fitted boatneck crop available at Black Milk.

The results:

This faux leather from Lush has only a small amount of vertical and horizontal stretch, so I treated it as a woven. This style of top is very, very easy to find in a woven sewing pattern.  I had three sewing patterns which I could have modified.  I ended up using New Look 6723.

This top cost me a third of the price of the Black Milk product and it is fitted exactly to my dimensions.


So, there you have it.  The Lush Fabrics VS Black Milk Challenge using faux leather from Lush…we think it was a raging success!  And if you would like to see more photos as well as ways to style these faux leather creations, please visit Blythe’s blog at https://sewblythe.blogspot.com/2018/06/the-lush-vs-black-milk-challenge.html

Do you have any challenges you would like to see Christina and Blythe take on?  Let us know in the comments section!

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